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February 2024 Market Update

Updated: Jun 20

The graph below shows the number of sales each month for the last couple of years, obviously the big interest will be in Feb 24, which is an outstanding increase from January 24 indeed, over double. There may be some data collection issues with some companies failing to get Januarys stats reported in time because of the holidays therefore some of Januarys sales where included in February's numbers, indeed there always seems to be a big jump in February from January but after taking that into account it is still worth celebrating, Jan 23 saw 26 sales while Feb 23 saw 46 sales so still a large increase from the same months last year.

The graph below shows the number of sales in each particular price range for the month of February 24, as we can easily see this month the ranges are all over the place, as we often see the higher end has far fewer sales, no surprises there really, not a lot happened above the 8 or $900,0000.

Below shows the median days to sell in each individual month, we can see Feb 24, had a bit of a jump in the time to sell compared to the four preceding months.

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