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March 2024 Market Update

Updated: Jun 20

The graph below shows the number of sales each month for the last couple of years, of interest is the continued albeit small increase in the number of sales recorded from last month which I find interesting as it seems to validate last month's large increase. We did discuss the possible inaccuracies with Jan and Feb in last month's Market Update, you will see that 89 sales is the highest number for at least the last couple of years so that is awesome.

The graph below shows the number of sales in each particular price range for the month of March 24, as seems to be relatively standard at the moment the majority of the action is below the $750,000 mark but that $850,000 - $900,000 had a strong showing.

Below shows the median days to sell in each individual month, March 24 saw a significant drop to 43 days from 66 in Feb 24. It would appear February was a bit of a negative blip as the March figure is more in line with the previous months.

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